Who We Are

The Pacific Cancer Care Alliance was born in September 2013 when local cancer specialists joined together to coordinate care and reduce the time between diagnosis and treatment. The Alliance unites US-trained cancer care specialists under one name while the entities continue to operate as independent organizations.

Members are:

Cancer Center of Guam


Cancer Center of Guam is a cancer clinic with a highly skilled staff specializing in Medical Oncology, or drug therapy, which includes chemotherapy, immunotherapy and genetic targeted therapy, as well as all hematologic problems.

Care is directed by Samuel Friedman, MD. CCOG is located in Guam Medical Plaza suite B-5. 

Island Cancer Center, LLC


Island Cancer Center, LLC is a cancer clinic specializing in Radiation Oncology, where a medical linear accelerator is used to create and aim high-energy x-rays and electrons at tumors and cancerous tissue.

Care is directed by Kin-Sing Au, MD. ICC is part of Guam Surgicenter, LLC and is located in Guam Medical Plaza suite B-1.